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Social Media Integration

Registration-less login using social media credentials such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc; Ability to Share and bookmark.

Chemical Engineering Directory

Manually Edited Comprehensive Directory; 250+ Categories; 1500+ Website entries; Ability to capture User Ratings.

Technical Forums

Forums that facilitate qualitative discussions. Configured using Kunena which is most reliable, scalable, durable and robust forum component available

Industry News

Aggregated up to-date Industry News from Industry top sources; Aggregating the right information; Streamlined and Centralized News Content.


Blogging platform that brings in portal new features/updates with social media integration and comments. RSS feeds and syndication

Multi Lingual

Available in 12 major languages beyond English including Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish


Real time interactions via chat and communicator; Attractive Pop Up Chat;Embedded Chat room; Users can browse and chat simultaneously.

Stocks & Commodities

45+ Global Stock Market Indices Live; East to West in Direction of Global Openings; Color Coded Temperature Wall; Commodity Prices related to Energy and Metals.